Lots of us are looking for authentic faith, and there are lots of resources that will help us to do that around.

But it’s often easy to feel like you’re doing this on your own.

The Hebrew term used for “worship” suggests a laying down of things – laying yourself or your possessions before the object of worship as an indication that you are willing to give all of that up. The act of worship is something that reveals a person’s attitude to the thing that they worship.

Worship is about laying things out before God as they really are. In honesty and humility, in faith and doubt, in poverty and in wealth, worship is laying all of that before God and seeking Him in the midst of it.

This blog, and this community, seeks to be a place where you can join other people who are trying to do that. Trying to work out how to follow God in the midst of confusion and trying to find Him in a culture where that is getting harder. It is for those who follow God and seek to follow Him better, and it is for those who are seeking God and who have perhaps been hurt by the church. It hopes to be honest and compassionate in welcoming all visitors.

It welcomes contributions from regular contributors and from guests, and encourages debate even when its expression can be raw or not yet fully resolved.

As, perhaps, this is what worship music should sound like: our lives.

* * *

[Regular posts will be an article on Fridays, blog round-up on Saturdays and music on Sundays, with sporadic music/culture updates throughout the week – you can also follow us on Twitter here.]

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