// sunday music: spring

Okay, three miscellaneous picks that made me think of Spring this week, in celebration of the fact that the sun has come out.

First up, from Jon Foreman‘s “Spring EP”, the breezy and cheerful Baptize my Mind. I was shocked this didn’t make Foreman’s album – I think it’s one of his best EP tracks and I love the Dave Matthews feel about it. You can grooveshark it here too:

Next up, because Spring often makes me feel melancholy for some reason, Colin Hay and I just don’t think I’ll ever get over you. Might seem a little downbeat, but there’s something in his wry, knowing wistfulness that just seems right for the season. Beautiful song, perfect in Garden State. On Grooveshark here:

And, finally, David Crowder Band‘s magnificent and breathless live version of a song called I will not be silent (make a joyful noise), which is the most joyful thing you’ll hear all week. It’s incredible. Grooveshark it here and there’s a video below:

* * *

There you go – that should set you up nicely for the start of spring, whatever your mood is.

I’ll see you on Friday!

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