// will there be coffee shops in heaven?

In Heaven, will we still sit around in coffee shops talking theology?

For those of us who love to sit around talking books and discussing ideas about God and who have that as a part of our God-given personality, when we get there – wherever there is, although for the record I do believe there is a there – will we still do it, or will there no longer be any point?

When we know fully, even as we are fully known, will there be anything left to talk about or any difference of opinion? Or will we be so amazed by what we have seen and heard that we will keep speaking about it with a sense of wonder?

And if all discussion ceases – then what on earth will we do for eternity instead?

    • Andy
    • March 18th, 2011

    I reckon there’s a good chance of coffee shops as He created the coffee but not sure they will be the ubiquitous Starbucks. Endless supply of quality books seems likely also. Plenty of discussion and debate, not monochrome stuff. Will be lively and conducted in a fantastic spirit. That’s my guess. For now enjoy the heaven on earth that is Nero’s!

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