// sunday music: aftermath

Okay, this week’s sunday music is coming from the new Hillsong United album “Aftermath”, which I know a significant amount of the readers of this blog have probably already heard. If you haven’t, though, it’s well worth a listen – you can hear the full thing on grooveshark here.

The last Hillsong United studio album was “All of the Above”, which featured in the top worship albums of the past decade, and the new one is equally powerful. It’s reflective, innovative and profound; proof that Hillsong are at their best not when they are doing the epic and high-energy but in the moments of stillness instead.

Pick number one is the title track, Aftermath. Love the piano on this and the lyrics are amazing:

My favourite track from the new album, Bones, is pick number two today. The simple chorus – a breath of “oh, Jesus” that sounds like a whispered prayer – has a real power, and I love the spoken word refrain of Isaiah 61, even if the synths do make it sound a bit like worship music has just now reached the 80s:

And finally, pick number three is Awakening, the title track of the last Passion album and a song co-written with Chris Tomlin. It’s appeared on a few albums, but I love the slow, thoughtful delivery on this CD and the bridge, with Reuben Morgan declaring “like the rising sun that shines | from the darkness comes a light | i hear Your voice and this is my | awakening” is amazing:

* * *

And that’s your lot for today. I’ll try to post the saturday round-up later today but I can’t make any promises on that front – life is so busy at the moment it’s unbelievable.

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