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So you know how Paul once reminded people in a letter that it was for freedom that Christ set them free? That they should stand firm, and not let themselves be burdened by a yoke of slavery?

And you remember how Jesus himself told us to come to him if we were weary and burdened, because his yoke was easy and his burden was light?

Well, for all of that, as a Christian, do you never feel a little bit… paralysed?

We read endless books and blogs hoping that when we just understand a particular part of theology we will “get it”, and everything will fall into place, and so we hold out for that day.

We complain to each other about our inability to conquer the addictions that take hold of us or the fact that we don’t know how to talk to our friends about Jesus or we’re anxious or we can’t talk to the opposite sex and we hope that one day, somehow, this will all get easier.

We listen to worship music that yearns for God on our ipods, day after day, and we wonder why He doesn’t seem closer to us.

Maybe the answer is already here, right in front of us. Maybe we’ve just been doing all of that stuff to keep us from the difficult business of having to live it.

Because the truth is this: we are not paralysed. We have been set free.

That’s a short message today, and a simple one, but I think it’s important.

You might not feel it. Everything in you might seem to cry out that you are still trapped and nothing will ever change. It might not seem tangible, plausible or possible.

But this is true. I will promise you this.

It is for freedom that you were set free.

You are not trapped. Not bound by fear, doubt, loneliness, pain, pressure, culture or anything else that stands against you. You have been set free by Jesus Christ to live the life that you were created to live.

Stop living like that’s not true.

    • Tom Howe
    • March 5th, 2011

    Thanks for this – been a very hard day, and I needed to hear this again.

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