// saturday round-up (19/02)

ARTICLE OF THE WEEK: “the Holy Spirit, the internet and bloggers like you and me” – Loved this article describing Christian bloggers as “pioneers”, people stepping out into uncharted territory. What do you think? It seems to me like there’s a lot of good in the discussions about Christian faith currently going on online.


// learning how to reach out to all families in your community – Great article from REyouth pastor about holistic and whole-family youth work, which links in well with Krish Kandiah’s article below. Check it out here.

// it takes a whole church to raise a child – On a similar theme to REyouth pastor, it’s great to see this topic on people’s radar at the moment. Check it out here and see if you can shed any light on the conversation or how you can live it out in your situation.

// the beginning and end of marriage – More great stuff from The Church of No People‘s “Love Month”. Some controversial topics for discussion, but all in all a very thought-provoking article from a great series. Go here.

// going solo – Another week where Jon Acuff’s Serious Wednesday post was exactly what I needed to hear. It’s here.


// come alive – Amazing video from CMS (thanks jonnybaker for passing it on) which creatively uses Foo Fighters lyrics to create an excellent, thoughtful meditation. I love this:

// the ‘love chapter’ as you never heard it before – Amazing rendering of a very familiar chapter that brings a whole new freshness to the words. Go here (via. Jesus Needs New PR).

// james blake – If you’ve not heard James Blake yet, check him out here. Echoes of Bon Iver and a really novel approach to music – his album’s streaming all over the place but you can hear bits of it here; it’s a grower, but it is weirdly beautiful.

// spring offensive – Certainly one of my favourite Oxford bands, Spring Offensive are giving away a “pay-what-you-like” acoustic EP called Between You and Me for another two days here. You should get it, and then you should go to see them, too, because live they are amazing.


// awkward “you’re single?” conversations at church – Yep, I’ve had some of these.

// purchase justification – “Is it even possible to make Kingdom impact while using a Dell?” The answer is no (I know.) Brilliant guest post from Tyler Stanton at SCL. Read it here.

// hardcore bible thumping spirit filled jesus freaks: This is just amazing:

* * *

And that’s your lot for today. See you tomorrow for sunday music.

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