// saturday round-up (12/02)

Right. Another crazy busy weekend ahead, so I’ll cut straight to the chase today.

* * *


// why God hates divorce: a big life change for me – A really heartfelt post from Anne Jackson announcing that, after some time struggling to make her 8-year marriage work, she and her husband Chris are divorcing. Her story is tragic, but also well worth reading – written with integrity and out of real pain, it sheds a light into some of the circumstances that drive people apart and is an invitation to grace and forgiveness. The “comments” are worth a look too. Read it here.

// love month: justin davies – Matt at The Church of No People is blogging about love for a whole month. There’s some great stuff up there already, but his interview with Justin Davies, marriage coach at Cross Point Church in Nashville, is absolutely unmissable, and an interesting contrast to Anne Jackson’s story. Go here.

// why do Christians give so much power to the negative Christian few? (and update) – Another amazing story of grace from Jesus Needs New PR, with a thought-provoking essay on listening to angry minorities here and then an incredible update here. Brilliant. Another reason why I love this site.

// Granger Church: 2016 vision – This is a very cool church vision statement, don’t you think?



// new “What’s in the Bible?” DVD – The fourth of Phil Vischer’s “What’s in the Bible?” DVDs, tackling Joshua, Judges and Ruth with the aid of puppets, are now here. And they’re going to be epic. Praise the Lord. Watch a clip here.

// the new craftsmanship – I’m very late to the party on Seth Godin’s marketing blog, but it’s full of thought-provoking insights, and none so much as here.



// how to do more in youth ministry in less amount of time – Another great selection of tips for anyone involved withyouth ministry courtesy of REyouth pastor, here. There’s some awesome stuff here – and it’s not just for youth workers.

// what difference does youth group make? – Fascinating sociological study (courtesy of Group Magazine) on the effects of youth group, both positive and negative. I can identify with a lot of what this has to say – how about you? Check it out here.

// 5 youth ministry blogs you should be reading – Work with youth? Need even more blogs to read? Then go here, to Rethinking Youth Ministry!

* * *

And that’s it for today’s saturday round-up!

I’ll see you tomorrow for a special Valentine’s Day-themed sunday music.

Thanks for reading.

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