// saturday round-up (05/02)

The usual mix of the profound, the hilarious and the thought-provoking this week. I’ve tried to divide it into sections to make it a little easier to read through…

* * *

ARTICLE OF THE WEEK: Ministry by Teenagers by Jonathan McKee – Another brilliant article courtesy of Jonathan McKee, who wrote an article about bullying that was article of the week about a month ago. Here he’s posted an excerpt from his upcoming book over at Doug Fields’ Simply Youth Ministry, and his thoughts on youth work are wise and worth taking to heart, whatever your relationship to youth ministry is. It’s also brilliantly written. Read the article here.


// a beautiful moment in Egypt – This picture has been reposted repeatedly over the past week, but it is an impressive sight; a bunch of Christians protecting Muslims from attack as they kneel to pray and even making provision for them to do so. It’s a rare sight of grace in the midst of a scary situation and it’s not often reported on, either because the media don’t see the point or because it just doesn’t happen all that much. If you’ve not seen it yet, one link is here.

// the soft ‘x’ – This was Jon Acuff‘s most-read post of 2010, and I don’t think I fully took it in when I read it first time round. This time it had me choking back tears in a Caffe Nero, so consider yourself warned. It’s here.

// why church hurts – It’s been a while since I last posted anything by Matt at The Church of No People but this was a post that really stuck out this week. Fact is, church is hard work, no matter where you go. Matt’s thoughts on why are wise and insightful. Read it here.

// the problem with religious people – This is another video that everybody seems to have reposted this week, but it’s Mark Driscoll on good form, talking about the Pharisees:

// amazed and confused – Not a link to a post, this, just a link to 24-7 regular Carla Harding‘s blog, which is terrific and which I just started following this past week. I recommend that you give it a look too.


// counting on your name – The folks at Kingsway put up one of Tim Hughes’ new songs, taken from his forthcoming album, on Youtube this week. It’s good – definitely one that grows on you and very much an old-school Tim Hughes song, but it builds to an excellent climax:

// free desktop wallpaper – Tim Challies has been giving away free desktop wallpapers this past week, designed by some graphic designer friends of his. I don’t love them all, but some of them are pretty good, and you can see them here.

// Hillsong covers Passion – Hillsong United have a new album out soon, called (for some reason) Aftermath. Here they cover the title track from Passion‘s last album, a bold move even by Hillsong standards, and it turns out to be pretty good. You’ll have to watch it on Youtube (it won’t embed) and it’s here.


// marriage myths – It is “love month” at The Church of No People, and despite the fact that I’m not married to verify it, this post on marriage sounds like it makes a lot of sense. It’s also hilarious. Go here.

// the force – This is a pretty cool Volkswagen commercial, but I can’t work out what the Unique Selling Point on the car is supposed to be. What, it has remote door control? Hasn’t every car for about the past decade?

// uh… – And the best line in this has to be, “Jesus Christ: gotta save em all!”

You have to see it to believe it. Thanks, Jesus Needs New PR.

* * *

Right, that’s quite enough for today.

See you tomorrow for sunday music.

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