// sunday music: the decemberists

Stirring stuff from the Decemberists this week, whose new album The King is Dead came out a few weeks back. If it sounds to you a little bit like mid-90s R.E.M, don’t be surprised – it’s got R.E.M’s guitarist Peter Buck playing on it.

First pick is opening track Don’t Carry it All, with harmonica pieces sounding convincingly Springsteen and managing to convey youthful romanticism, wistful longing and anthemic campfire sing-a-longs all at the same time. It’s superb. It’s not on Grooveshark yet so listen to it on Youtube here:

From the classic album The Crane Wife, pick number two is Sons and Daughters, and yes, I think that’s an accordion in the background. It sounds a lot like a sea shanty, covered by Death Cab for Cutie. Grooveshark it here and listen to it on Youtube here:

And this, from Picaresque, deserves a mention purely for the magnificent effort put into the video. The song is The Mariner’s Revenge Song. Grooveshark it here or watch the video below and let yourself be carried to a different world:

* * *

So ends a sunday music filled with rakes, giant whales and amateur theatre. I hope it made you happy.

I’ll see you on Friday!

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