// sunday music: the national

Three picks today from misery-rock champions The National, who have been making quiet, melancholic waves in the indie scene for the past few years and whose latest album, “High Violet” featured on the “best of 2010” list of almost everyone who writes about these things. Suffused with melancholy and yet also oddly uplifting, there’s echoes of the Smiths and Arcade Fire in there too.

Pick number one is first single from that album, Bloodbuzz Ohio – on grooveshark here and Youtube below. Great refrain:

Pick number two, Fake Empire, is from The National’s last album, “Boxer”, and reportedly featured in Barack Obama’s campaign commercials. It probably belongs on an apple ad, albeit a sad one. Grooveshark it here and watch a brilliant, unofficial video here:

And finally, another pick from “High Violet”, this time in the form of the absolutely devastating Sorrow. The gentle piano in the background of the refrain, “I don’t want to get over you”, is heart-breaking. Grooveshark it here and watch it here:

Bruce Springsteen has them on his ipod, apparently, and one review I read suggested that “High Violet” was like the anti-“Born to Run”. Listening to the instrumentation and song structure, I can see it, but maybe you disagree.

* * *

And that’s all for this week’s sunday music!

Apologies for the lack of the saturday round-up this week – things got hectic and so it got squeezed.

I might try and post it on Monday instead, but if not I’ll see you on Friday.


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