// saturday round-up (14/01)

Loads of great stuff out there this week from a whole range of sources, but don’t let that put you off – take what you find helpful and discard the rest…

* * *

ARTICLE OF THE WEEK: Reaching a Missing Generation – Krish Kandiah: A great article over at Krish Kandiah’s blog today about reaching 20-30s and pursuing lasting discipleship. This is something that a number of people have been talking about lately, and it’s true that with the pressures of life in our 20s, many people simply lose the passionate or creative expressions of faith they picked up in youth or as students. I don’t think this is inevitable, but there are a lot of defeated-looking 30-year olds out there, even in the church, and I don’t want to be one of them…

// psalm 90: another excellent meditation from the 24-7 Prayer community, this week taking Eugene Peterson’s paraphrase of Psalm 90 in the Message and reflecting on it. I’d encourage you to take the two and a half minutes it takes to watch it. Breathe, be still and check it out here:

If you want to link to it to use elsewhere, you can copy and paste the link from here.

// new look ASBO Jesus: Jon Birch’s ASBO Jesus cartoons have had a facelift over at his site. I read the whole of the archives over the Christmas break and I’d recommend it – some really thought-provoking critiques and commentaries on church policy, and although some of it is challenging or quite close to the edge, it’ll definitely make you think. This made me laugh over there this week, too.

// what God are you teaching your teenagers?: A timely reminder from youthministry360 that we proclaim the God we know, and a few tips on how to keep a true perspective on God. You can read it here.

// thinking every Christian other than you has it together: Stuff Christians Like’s Jon Acuff is currently writing a book about doubt, which may end up being like an entire book of his “Serious Wednesday” posts. If so, I’ll buy it instantly, as this week’s post was just brilliant. Read it here.

// Calvin and Hobbes search engine: If you ever need a talk illustration or reflection on a topic, there is arguably no better place to go than to Calvin and Hobbes. And now you can search Bill Watts’ cartoons online here! The search engine is very precise, not accepting different forms of a word (ie. “run” vs “ran”) so if you don’t get many results, play around with it until you do.

// Signs of Life: Another link with 24-7 Prayer – their friends at Edge Kingsland in New Zealand this week gave away a 7-track worship EP called “Signs of Life”, free of charge, here. I’ve been playing it as I write this, and it’s great – dreamy, passionate and even pretty interesting musically, with shades of Sigur Ros and Explosions in the Sky in places. I’d highly recommend downloading it.

// the gentle good: Former chief rock critic at the Times Pete Paphides this week plugged the gentle good via his Twitter feed, and they make what he calls “achingly lovely folk-baroque from Wales”. If that’s your thing (and whose isn’t it?) then you can listen to them here. Worth a look.

// Springpad: I’ve extolled the virtues of Evernote over the past year, but Springpad takes the same principles (ie. making documents saved on your home computer available wherever else you go via. an online account) and makes them slicker, more intuitive and more flexible. The Ipod/Iphone app is worth having too, as it’s free of charge and very well put together. If you’ve not discovered Springpad yet, you can do so here.

// hating on Harry Potter, giving Gandalf a free pass: one of Jon Acuff’s most popular posts this year, but it’s a fair point that he makes – after all, Gandalf is a wizard too. I mean, come on, folks. Is this an age thing?

// this guy’s a real winner: I can’t tell if this guy is joking or not. Part of me hopes so. Still, it made me laugh:

Courtesy, of course, of Jesus Needs New PR.

// when you don’t feel like praying: And finally, another great prayer from Pastor Scotty Smith, courtesy of Tim Challies. I love Pastor Scotty Smith’s honesty and frankness in his prayers, and this is no exception.

* * *

And that’s it for the saturday round-up this week!

I’ll see you tomorrow for sunday music, and the conclusion part of the top worship albums of the past decade.

See you there, hopefully.

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