// saturday round-up (08/01)

Okay, time for this week’s saturday round-up. I’ve included a few music videos this week too, partly because they’ve stuck out in my times with God over the past few days, and they’re well worth checking out. Let me know your thoughts as ever:

* * *

// dry bones – I posted about Gungor‘s album “Beautiful Things” a while back, but I was playing it in the background earlier when this song came on and sent shivers down my spine. Stunning:

// boys adrift – This is a link to a review by Tim Challies of a book by Leonard Sax about the growing trend of young men who simply don’t know how to be men. It’s quite a lengthy review with some great thoughts on perpetual adolescence, and I highly recommend it, whether you work with young people or you’re just trying to work out how to grow up!

// accordance for Iphone – The popular Bible correspondence software Accordance is now available free for apple devices. This is a starter package and you can buy supplements, but it looks excellent for a free app, and accordance has long been a market leader for people who like this sort of thing. You can get it here.

// the wrong type of fishing – I can identify with a lot of what Jon Acuff has to say in this week’s Serious Wednesday post. Check it out his thoughts on what it means to cast all your burdens on Christ here.

// wrestling for Jesus – This trailer for the movie “wrestling for Jesus” popped up at Jesus Needs New PR earlier in the week, but I actually think it looks rather good. Is that wrong?

// comparing our situations to Job – A guest post at Stuff Christians Like by a man called John Crist, this was far and away the funniest thing I read this week. Go here.

// the altar call’s greatest hits – A great piece of satire here, again courtesy of Tim Challies.

// only You – I’ve been listening to David Crowder Band’s incredible second album Illuminate this week, probably my favourite worship album of all time, and this song is a beautiful, beautiful prayer.

The lyrics that stuck out to me in particular are these, from the second verse:

“Take my fright, take my fear

All I have, I’m leaving here;

Be all my hopes, be all my dreams

Be all my delight – be my everything.”

* * *

And that’s the saturday round-up for this week!

Thanks for reading, and if you missed yesterday’s post “you can’t always get what you want”, do check it out.

Hopefully I’ll see you tomorrow for sunday music, where I’m considering doing a countdown of the top worship albums of the past decade, although whether that actually happens may be a different matter…

  1. Just saw Gungor in concert at the Christian Musician Summit and they were AAAAAAAAAmazing. I love their idea they don’t want to be “imitate” what’s going on in secular music. They want to be “revolutionary” in their music making, and in that sense draw others to Christ. Just stumbled upon your blog from a comment you left on SCL…I likey! 🙂

    • Hey Keri, I’m incredibly jealous. I imagine the atmosphere at Gungor’s stage shows must be incredible, and i love the way they blend their creativity with their passion – so that it is a real expression of worship. That’s the way it should be!

      Thanks for your comments, too – it’s always a great encouragement to hear from people who’ve found the blog through a range of channels, and I really appreciate you saying hi. I’m looking forward to checking out pop parables too!

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