// sunday music: rodrigo y gabriela

Ring in the New Year with the incredible skills of Rodrigo y Gabriela, former heavy metal guitarists who fled the local scene in order to make impossible sounds with acoustic guitars. First up is my particular favourite, a song entitled Diablo Rojo – that is, “red devil” – and named after a rollercoaster:

Next up is a song entitled Tamacun, the first track off their self-titled third album, a perfect hybrid of a sweetly simple melody from Rodrigo and the incredible rhythmic stomp provided by Gabriela. The sound is so full that you can’t believe that it’s just the two of them. I’m in awe, frankly, although it has been pointed out to me that it does perhaps feel a little bit like you’re eating out at a Tapas restaurant…

Finally, a seven minute cover of Metallica’s song Orion that pretty much speaks for itself. That won’t embed, however, so if you want to hear it you’ll have to go here. It’s worth it though, I promise.

* * *

And that’s sunday music for this week, folks.

I’m hoping that I’ll be feeling better by Friday, or at least well enough to write a coherent post.

Hopefully I’ll see you then?

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