// saturday round-up (01/01)

Happy 1.1.11 everyone! I hope last night was a time of celebration for you – certainly for me it was a time for reflection on what has been quite a hard year in a lot of ways. I’m hopeful for 2011, though.

Here’s the best from the blogosphere in the past couple of weeks:

* * *

// fairylights – brilliantly creative video from worship leader Jon Bilbrough in response to a competition over at 24-7 prayer. I love the creativity of the 24-7 prayer movement, and keep an eye on their blog for the next few days as they post some of their favourite blogs of 2010.

// go ahead, criticize me – one of Jesus Needs New PR‘s best posts from the past year, as MPT reflects on his response to criticism. It’s thoughtful and thought-provoking, and goes some way to giving a picture of the kind of criticism that he faces fairly regularly. You can find it here.

Another post this week entitled “the problem with assuming” is also well worth checking out, and the comments thread here is one of the most interesting debates I’ve seen in a while.

// brave new world – why not let Matt at The Church of No People know what your predictions for 2011 are? His are here.

// best posts of 2010 – Tim Challies‘ most-read posts of 2010 are always going to be worth a look. They’re here, and his article on self-help book “The Secret” is especially worth a look.

* * *

And I think that’s it for today (which is fortunate, because I have the flu and really need to get back to bed).

I could try and post more, but really I feel as though I’d just be trying to make up numbers.

See you tomorrow for sunday music!

    • Tim
    • January 1st, 2011

    thanks Tom. Hope you feel better soon

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