// sunday music: best of 2010

It’s the end of the year, and so today sunday music is in a special extended format, covering some of my most played songs of 2010. I’ll try my best to post links to the various songs as far as possible but the usual issues with videos refusing to embed will apply in a number of cases.

This list is in no particular order, and i’ve tried not to repost songs that i’ve already posted earlier this year. Here goes:

* * *

StornowayFuel Up (gorgeous folk tune, this one – it’s positively life-affirming.)

Belle and SebastianI want the World to Stop – also The Ghost of Rockschool (not everything on Belle & Sebastian’s new album was great – in fact, parts of it were disappointingly twee – but when they were good, it reminded you of just how good they once were.)

Bruce SpringsteenRacing in the Street (’78) and The Promise (The Promise might have been made back in 1978, but the sentiment is timeless. These two are poles apart in terms of emotion, but they are both glorious.)

David GrayA Moment Changes Everything (David Gray’s latest is a strange, downbeat album that shows that he’s been hanging out with Ray LaMontagne. This closing song bucks the trend with a surprisingly fierce carpe diem message, though. It’s one of Gray’s best in a while.)

Arcade Fire Deep Blue (Arcade Fire write a song about Gary Kasparov losing to a chess computer and, unsurprisingly, it is still epic.)

The xxHeart Skipped a Beat (yes, i know it’s been everywhere this year, but it’s still mesmerising, even though it shouldn’t be.)

The Swell Season Low Rising (Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova, stars of Once, split up this year. The ensuing album threatened to break apart along tense, strained emotional faultlines, but instead resolved into a thing of beauty.)

Ben CantelonSaviour of the World (stunning worship from a man just reaching his potential. Powerful, profound and anthemic, it is well worthy of a place in the songs of the year.)

Anais MitchellWay Down Hadestown (a folk opera about the story of Orpheus and Euridyce set in 1930s America and sounding a little like something out of The Jungle Book? Why, i don’t mind if i do.)

SwitchfootYour Love is a Song (technically from 2009, i think, but still worthy of a mention because I’m fairly sure i played it about 500 times in January 2010 alone.)

Delirious? My Soul Sings (Delirious? finally split up this year. Their farewell show was a thing of beauty, and this goes some way to explaining why.)

David Crowder BandSMS (Shine) (although Church Music was a 2009 album, the 2010 single release of SMS (Shine) was accompanied by the video here, which demonstrated a level of commitment that almost no Christian band have ever shown before or since.)

* * *

And then for some shameless pop picks:

K’naanWavin’ Flag (non FIFA), also Take a Minute (it’s a shame that K’naan became the face of the 2010 World Cup because his album Troubadour is surprisingly tender in places and filled with entirely justified rage in others. The original cut of Waving Flag is all about rebellion and lacks many of the twee, Coca-Cola initiated flourishes that were later added.)

Pink!Raise Your Glass (I still love Pink!, kicking it for the underdog.)

Cee Lo GreenForget You (and yes, i know it was originally released under a different title. But it’s still soulful, heartfelt and catchy as hell.)

B.o.B (feat Hayley Williams) – Airplanes (93 million people have watched this since June. I can see why, i think.)

* * *

And that’s sunday music for today – and, in fact, for 2010.

I’m going to take next week off to spend the holidays with family, but hopefully i’ll see you again here in 2011.

Until then, have an awesome break and thanks for reading!

    • Rachael
    • December 19th, 2010

    Big ‘like’ to including two of my new-favourite-songs-guys-guys-I’m-playing-this-on-a-loop-for-days-and-days-on-end-in-our-house-wooo! Lol. R

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