// saturday round-up (18/12)

Apologies for any typos in today’s post – it’s bitterly cold and snowing hard in Oxford and so my fingers are still warming up as I type.

Okay, here goes:

* * *

ARTICLE OF THE WEEK // time does not heal all wounds – I’ve only recently discovered Nicole Cottrell’s blog Modern Reject, but i’m glad that i did. This post in particular, about buying into the lie that the further you get away from trauma in your past, the less painful it gets, really hit home with me. I love Nicole’s punchy, accessible and honest style and there is a lot to love at Modern Reject, but check out this week’s top article here.

// 2010 in pictures – I love photo journalism, and this retrospective of 2010 in pictures courtesy of Boston.com is both sobering and, in places, astonishing. It has been one crazy year.

// 10 Christmas story takeaways your students need to know – These might be reminders of truths about God that young people need to hear, but they were also reminders that I needed to hear. Understated but powerful stuff from newcomers youthministry360, which along with Doug Fields’ Simply Youth Ministry is rapidly becoming essential reading if you are (or have been) involved with ministry to young people anywhere, ever. Here’s the link.

// how he loves – linking to myself is a bit of a cheat, but i’d never listened to John Mark McMillan’s original How He Loves until this week, and this version is completely devastating. If you didn’t catch it on Thursday, check it out now.

// the “R” word – oh, Jon Acuff. Serious Wednesdays get me every time.

// what good is God? – a searching interview with author Philip Yancey about his new book, courtesy of the Resurgence, which sounds great. I’ve always loved the honesty in Yancey’s writing, and so i’m excited about seeing another book that obviously comes from his heart.

// a telling (church) sign – i wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry when I saw this over at Jesus Needs New PR, but say what you will about MPT, he sure knows how to pick posts that communicate beyond themselves. There’s an almighty argument about Mark Driscoll raging over there too, with a level of anger from commentators that i just hadn’t registered – so check it out if you can stomach it.

* * *

And that’s the saturday round-up for this week!

I’ll see you tomorrow for the last sunday music of 2010 (i’m not posting next week because of Christmas), and until then, let me know your thoughts on this week’s posts!

Grace and peace.

  1. Thank you so much for the Saturday Round-up mention and highlight.

    I so appreciate the encouraging words. I look forward to checking out more of Worship Music Should Sound Like This. I also hope to see more of you around Modern Reject, as well.


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