// sunday music: 80s teen movies

Boy, was this one fun to write. I would have put Marty McFly’s version of Johnny B. Goode in Back to the Future up on today’s list, but regrettably it’s not up on the internet anywhere, so instead you’ll have to make do with three of the greatest feel-good tunes ever released, as well as a clip from Say Anything. Incidentally, I nearly put Top Gun in – but does that really warrant the title “teen movie”? It’s so, so much more.

So, pick number one today, naturally, is from the mighty Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. The song is Twist and Shout and the parade scene is now legendary – and for good reason. This is why:

Pick number two comes from Simple Minds, as featured in The Breakfast Club (is it wrong to reference two John Hughes films in one post? Maybe, but honestly I don’t much care any more). The song is Don’t You Forget About Me, and although Simple Minds have done much they can be criticised for, in this case, it’s the perfect soundtrack to a generation:

And finally, pick number three can only be Bonnie Tyler, with Holding Out for a Hero, as featured in Footloose. It’s still a classic and, despite being cheesy, over-the-top and hugely overplayed, it is also still amazing. You’ll have to watch it via Youtube though, because Sony won’t let me embed it:

To wrap up today, it only seems fitting to post the famous boombox scene from Say Anything, too, where John Cusack appears at his girlfriend’s window holding a boombox in a desperate attempt to win her back. Men reading this – try this tactic with any of the songs featured on this post and she’ll be putty in your hands:

And that’s sunday music for this week!

Next week I’ll post something Christmassy. For now, though, I guess I’ll see you on Friday. “Don’t you | Forget about me…”

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