// saturday round-up (11/12)

Lots of stuff that made me laugh this week, with a couple of folks who have really been on fire. That means a decent showing for the usual suspects too, and some end-of-year lists that were striking both in their similarities and their differences to one another. If anyone has any tips for decent non-Christian blogs that it’s worth following can you pass them on to me? I’m looking to expand what I read at the moment.

Here goes:

* * *

ARTICLE OF THE WEEK – why Christians go postal over facebook, Jay-Z, Yoga, Avatar and culture in general – This week Mark Driscoll tweeted that he was in awe at Jay-Z’s skill as a rapper. Bad move. The backlash was swift and it came from a variety of angles, hence this epic piece posted at the resurgence explaining Driscoll’s role as a “missionary to culture”. It’s a very, very good article indeed, in spite of the circumstances that necessitated it – well-reasoned, hard-edged and comprehensive. It’s also very long, so you’ve been warned!

// “As I didn’t say to the Archbishop…” Victoria Coren‘s column in the Guardian this week did the rounds on facebook and Twitter predictably quickly, so you’ve probably been passed it on by a number of people so far already. However, it’s very good – thoughtful and balanced, as well as putting Frank Skinner on the same intellectual level as Rowan Williams, which i think he’d probably appreciate. Victoria Coren’s blog looks pretty good too, and the comment thread on her article is well worth a look.

// Christmas on Ipad – The wonderful North Point Baptist Church came up with an eccentric Christmas service this week, with their band playing whole Christmas carols solely on Ipad and Iphone. The video is here, and it’s a profoundly strange experience, but also kind of sweet. On another note, their Christmas album is tremendous, especially Eddie Kirkland’s version of Hark! the Herald Angels Sing – you can listen to it on grooveshark here. Search for “North Point Christmas” and you’ll find the rest:

// a Wikileaks society – Tim Challies’ thoughts on how Wikileaks (for all of its flaws) may well have changed everything are certainly worth checking out, whether or not you agree with him. There’s a part of me that thinks that his view is slightly idealistic, even in spite of the caveats he offers in this article, but I certainly see where he’s coming from, and it’s a thought-provoking reflection.

// the dangerous worlds of analog parents with digital teens – Courtesy of Al Mohler, some thoughts on how difficult it is to police – or mentor/support, for that matter – young people who move along an entirely different virtual trajectory to their parents. Best read alongside Tim Challies and a cup of coffee, but definitely worth a look if you are involved with youth work or have kids.

// we NEVER do this – Thanks to Jesus Needs New PR, we have one of the most disturbing videos I have ever seen – some parents apparently trying to trick their child into accepting Christ. It’s sad, it’s pretty warped and it comes from a very distinct theological perspective (just pray the prayer and nothing else matters), but if you think you can handle it, it’s worth seeing what we’re up against. It’s here.

// the sex and the city – Another marvellous Anne Jackson essay about a conversation with a cab driver which turns into a reflection on what it means to be a modern-day missionary in a crazy world. Nobody writes like that woman does.

// best of 2010 – Krish Kandiah and The Church of No People‘s “Best of 2010” lists are striking both for their similarities and their differences. Who would have thought the Christian world would have such love for The Book of Eli? That said, I can’t believe Krish’s love for SALT or Matt’s claim that Shutter Island is one of his movies of the year – seriously boys? On a different note, Drowned in Sound’s albums of the year (in three parts, here, here and here) are great if you want some real indie tips for music.

* * *

I’m going to leave it there for today, as that’s a lot to take in. If you’re still looking for things to read, though, go and check out “You Must Be Born Again… Or Else!” at the excellent Church of No People or watch Jon Acuff’s video of a camel falling over in the middle of a church service.

I presume by now that you should have subscribed to both of them, though.

See you tomorrow for sunday music.

  1. Thanks for including me! I checked out Krishk’s list too. It’s kind of fun to see what other people thought were the standouts of the year. Oh, and that clip from JesusNeeds New PR is awful. Hope you have a great Christmas!

    • Tom
    • December 11th, 2010

    Hey Matt, thanks for your comments – and for your encouragement this year, I really appreciate it!

    I’m shocked neither you nor Krish had The Social Network down as a film of 2010 though; for me that was the undisputed film of the year, although Inception cut it pretty close…

    I hope your break is a restful one, and here’s to 2011, eh?

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