// sunday music: Richard Hawley

Three songs from Richard Hawley’s mesmering album “Lady’s Bridge” tonight. Starting off with Tonight the Streets are Ours, a song with some great lyrics and one which is perfect for the wintery conditions we’ve had lately. “Do you know why | You got feelings in your heart?”, Hawley sings, “Don’t let fear of feelings fool you, | What you see sets you apart…” It’s wise, warm and hopeful and it makes a great first pick today:

The second, the haunting Lady’s Bridge (named after a famous lovers’ nightspot in Hawley’s hometown of Sheffield) has Hawley intoning in the chorus, “take me with you when you go | I’m tired of living life on hold | Take me with you when you go | Down to the river…” With a hint of melancholy and the quiet, weary desperation of young love, it is almost certainly one of the best songs of its kind ever written:

And finally, the devastating Roll River Roll, which is currently accompanying the title sequence of the beautiful BBC tragicomedy Getting On. As with all these songs, there’s hope even in the midst of the bleak, but as Hawley envisions the river taking him away from the loneliness of his existence, it’s a retreat into the fragile comforts of memory and home. That’s here, and the photographs are apparently by Thomas Michael Alleman (who i’ve never heard of):

That’s your lot for another Sunday night. See you soon!

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