// sunday music: oxfordshire bands

Three marvellous Oxfordshire bands tonight, many of whom are still playing gigs at venues small enough for you to see the whites of their eyes. The first pick is my buddies Praxis Bold, who write glorious songs about superheroes and apocalypses (i think), and whose myspace page can be found here. Praxis Bold are Oxfordshire boys George Townsend, Mike Dornan, Jesse Lloyd, Claude Pietersen and Simon Tarassenko, they have a saxaphonist in their band, and of their songs, i recommend love life in particular. They’re playing Oxford’s Purple Turtle on November 16th and tickets are less than £5 on the door, so get in while you have the chance.

Pick number two is Spring Offensive, who are named after a Wilfred Owen poem and whose song Every Coin is described as “the story of a man literally forced to eat the contents of his own wallet”. It’s terrific, brutal and exciting and bizarre, and live they are an awe-inspiring blend of everything that is great about Explosions in the Sky and Bloc Party. Check out “Every Coin” here:

And finally, no discussion of Oxfordshire bands would be complete without pointing you in the direction of the magnificent Stornoway. Their gig at the closing Brookes student union earlier this week was one of the finest I have ever seen, with the audience hanging on their every word and the atmosphere so taut that you could hear a pin drop. It’s remarkable that a band who are so defiantly uncool managed to be so incredibly, incredibly cool (one review i read suggested that they would have been beaten up by Belle and Sebastian for their dinner money, and i can’t help but agree) but if you get the chance to go, don’t miss it. Here’s I Saw You Blink, from their recent album “Beachcomber’s Windowsill”, although their first single Zorbing is also well worth a look:

And that’s your lot for another week. Go and see Praxis Bold, they’re awesome.

    • Tom
    • November 12th, 2010

    Okay, a correction. Praxis Bold are now no longer playing the Purple Turtle on November 16th. They are playing the Port Mahon on St Clement’s Street on November 18th, though, and it’s £4 entry. Come.

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