// sunday music: songs that sound like Springsteen

This week’s Sunday music picks come from those bands that have shamelessly plagiarized Bruce Springsteen over the past few years. Arcade Fire you get for free, but i’ve posted on them relatively recently so i’ve left them off this list.

Nothing says autumn like the Boss – all those images of faded glory and worn-out heroes get me every time.

Pick number one is The Gaslight Anthem, and “Here’s Looking at You, Kid”:



If you like that, I also recommend “Great Expectations”, a sublime ode to loneliness, failure and Charles Dickens that you can hear here. For all of that, though, there’s very little that can match up to the level of emotional desolation in “Here’s Looking at You, Kid” – and plus, it name checks Casablanca.

Pick number two is the Killers, whose song “Read My Mind” has stood up surprisingly well over the past few years, which is more than can be said for some of their songs. Check it out here:



It’s textbook Springsteen, all about how “I never really gave up on | Breaking out of this two-star town”, and although I’m fairly sure that Springsteen wasn’t talking about leafy Oxfordshire when he first wrote, i like the sentiment. Shame about the video, though.

And your final pick comes from Bruce himself, just to remind you of what people were copying in the first place. Lovely solo acoustic version “The Rising” to send you off today:



That’s your lot for today – apologies for the wait.

  1. Listening to these again, i’ve just realised what a bleak selection this is.

    I’ll be sure to post something happier next week, anyway, but in the meantime none of these should be taken as representative of my mental state…

  2. Also, quite how i missed the Hold Steady off this list escapes me, but they are an essential post-Springsteen reference point.

    Check out “Stuck Between Stations” here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pnPgegu1EeE – and thanks to Andy (www.twitter.com/orientbutler) for pointing me in their direction.

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