// bible in one year: day one

Soul Survivor kicked off its Bible in One Year project this morning, and already the discussion boards are buzzing with questions and people excited to get stuck into the year. Andy Croft’s thought-provoking reflections on “new beginnings” via. Genesis 1, Psalm 1 and Matthew 1 are well worth a look today if you’ve not made it over there already.

I particularly love the link between Genesis 1 and Psalm 1, which is one that I’ve never really seen before. I heard once that some Jewish tradition states that the Bible starts with God dividing light from dark, and the whole rest of the story – from the law to the prophets to Jesus to the epistles – is just the outworking of that principle.

It’s most evident when you look at Psalm 1, because it lays out this parallel between the two ways to live; you either live a life that is continually nourished, refreshed, and rooted in Christ, or you end up like chaff, a life that is dried-up and worthless, a husk to be thrown away. And that’s not even a comment on life after death, although of course that’s an element of it – it’s a statement that if we are living life with God, then our lives have substance and growth, right now, and if not, then we’re heading nowhere fast.

It’s so refreshingly common sense that you could almost skip right past it, but it’s a question worth asking this morning – is your life bringing real life? Are you rooted in Christ? Are you communicating the love of God to the people around? Is the Holy Spirit a notable part of your day-to-day existence? Or do you occasionally feel dried-up?

That’s not intended as a threat, incidentally – “you’d better get back or you risk being cut off forever” – because you only need to look at the genealogy in Matthew to see that it’s filled with people who weren’t always walking in step with God. However, when they step back into His presence and His purposes, life begins, and they step into His incredible purposes once again.

It’s a good question to ask at the start of this year; where our lives are going, what their foundations are on, really – and not just in a standard “yes, I follow God” way, but in a moment or two of sincere reflection. After all, if you’ve been a Christian a while then you’ll know all too well that you can say you follow God, but then not spend any time talking to Him. So is your life one that is grounded in Him, watered and nourished by His presence, or does it sometimes feel like you’re on thirsty ground?

Because, in the long run, none of us are getting out of here alive.

So, for now: are you walking in the light?

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