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I’d like to extend a quick plug to anyone reading this to go and check out the new initiative from our friends over at Soul Survivor – the Bible in One Year project:


If you made it to the summer festivals this year then you’ll have seen the guys from Soul Survivor selling the book, which is divided up into daily chunks and which you can still buy online – they’ll also be posting the passages on the website so that you can follow it along from there instead.

Plenty of people have done year-long Bible reading guides before, but the real beauty of Soul Survivor’s idea is that it sets up an online discussion community around the passage for each day, meaning that there is the potential for debate and comment on what is posted and it genuinely feels like you’re doing it alongside a load of other people. It kicks off tomorrow, and I’ll certainly be posting some thoughts on various passages throughout the year, so do have a look at it – it’s on the “links” to the right of this page as well, and it’s going to be quite an experience.

For as long as I can remember, we’ve been told that ours is the generation that is going to change the world – but in practice that’s always seemed a bit diffuse, hard to work out when you leave the summer festivals. So huge credit for Soul Survivor for putting in place a system where you do start to learn the hard graft of what it means to change the world in the day to day, and make sure you’re praying for it, even if you don’t take part; I, for one, know how easy it can be to get burned out on the daily Bible schedules.

Check back here tomorrow for some thoughts on Genesis 1 and Psalm 1.

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