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People used to tell me that you should never have a ‘quiet time’ last thing at night. They would say that people who do that often get distracted, end up falling asleep or rushing through their time with God, which wasn’t a good thing. They would say that you should do it first thing in the morning instead, before the chaos of the day rushed in, before you got tired or stressed. The way they used to tell it, it sounded like a chore, something that you had to get out of the way at some point or you had failed.

You had to talk to God each day, after all. That was the rule.

I think it had something to do with how your time with God was supposed to be a time of study, and you were less able to concentrate late at night, less able to remember everyone and everything that you were supposed to pray for. There is a logic to that, I suppose.

I don’t know about you, though, but last thing at night is so often the time when I most need to be spending time with God – and not time to read out a list of requests, not to study, but time just to sit with Him. To let His perspective soak into me, and to be reminded of how the issues that I face and the stresses that have gotten to me throughout the day are not as important as I make them, because He is in control, and to remember who I am in Him, irrespective of what the world says. All of these things are life to me, like water to my thirsty soul.

Currently, I sleep alone, and I am told that even those of my friends who are married still occasionally lie awake some nights, unable to communicate what is really going on in their heads to their spouse even if they were to try. Those are the times when we need a relationship with God, and need one that is honest and real, where we dare to be vulnerable with Him, rather than just calling out our requests to a far-off God to whom we are dutifully obedient because he gives us stuff. We need someone who will hear us when we lie awake at night, someone who knows the depths of our hearts.

Lots of people love the image in Zephaniah of God quieting us with singing and rejoicing over us with His love, and I am one of those people. I love that idea that when God speaks, often He gives us great vision, but He also gives us deep peace, too. I like especially that, late at night, when I get reflective and sometimes melancholy, God speaks a better word to me, one that goes beyond the systems of the world, back to the original identity of who He says that I am because I am in Him.

Lately, I like having quiet times last thing at night. Those seem to be the best times. The times when I need to hear His voice the most.

Sleep well. And may you let Him quiet you with His love.

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