// Crowder on the Psalms

Apologies for the lack of updates for the past couple of weeks – a combination of an incredibly busy schedule and a whole host of things to stress about, but i’m hoping that things will get back to normal soon. I’m also working on something slightly more large-scale that i’d love feedback on, but i’ll say more about that in a little while.

For now, i’m reading Praise Habit, David Crowder’s awesome meditation on the Psalms, and here’s a little of his thoughts on Psalm 84 that i thought was worth sharing:

Psalm 84 is often romanticized. We read a line that goes something like “one day with You is better than a thousand anywhere else,” and we think of lovers lost in each other’s eyes, floating in embrace, a million miles away from anywhere. What a line. It would melt you to have that whispered in the ear. But the context that follows totally ruins it…

It sounds much less romantic to think that the rest of the declaration could be, “I understand that to be with you may in fact mean degradation rather than accommodation.”

We have not been promised palatial housing, but we have been promised His presence. We often find ourselves in spaces that seem the last spot on earth we would have picked to insert ourselves, engaged in things that we never imagined ourselves having to do, but we can know this comfort: that wherever we are, we are in the very residence of God and this is sweeter and greater than anywhere without Him. We carry His residence into these spaces. Perhaps we’re on our hands and knees with sponge and soap because someone has just made a mess of things or maybe we’ve just noticed that most places we inhabit are in need of cleaning. Living praise often leads us close to the ground. To dirt. It often leads to industry that is unglamorous and unromantic. It often leads us to sweat and toil and lonesome valleys. But around the bend are cool springs. These moments are holy because we know that wherever we find ourselves we are in the very house of God. And there is space and presence here exceeding anything offered elsewhere. Even if it leads us to dark places on our hands and knees, it is sweeter than lying on a beach in Greece because the sunshine of our Maker’s presence is brighter and stronger than a thousand stars, and it reaches to wherever we are…

I hope that wherever you are right now, that you know His presence, the gentle whisper in your ear that He is here; that His presence reaches beyond the meetings and beyond the sometimes strained attempts to feel Him in those meetings into a revelation of the God who Dallas Willard once described as “our Father, who is closer than the air that i breathe.” I hope that for you He is a God who speaks in the quiet moments as well as the ones when you walk down the street with ipod in your ears and with every part of your being feeling like it may explode in praise.

That is the way it was supposed to be, when we walked with Him in the garden and knew His voice and it was good…

We are a long way from that now, it is true, but that does not make it impossible. And it is truly something worth pursuing.

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