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This term at the youth group i’m involved in running we’re studying the Psalms, and we’ve been trying to come up with some more creative presentations of the Psalms in order to keep people from simply disengaging from what’s being said the moment we pick up the Bible.

One way in which we’re doing this through short videos, small enough to put on an ipod, where the Psalm will be read with some kind of illustration or appropriate location. You can see the first one here, and although it’s not wildly imaginative, it seemed to be pretty effective when we played it on Saturday. You should be able to download it for the next week by right-clicking here and selecting “Save Link As”, or via the Vimeo site itself.

I’d also love any of your suggestions on what this could look like across this term – we’re filming another one later this afternoon on Psalm 8 and are hoping to get more and more creative as the term goes on. The only real constraint is that the Psalm in question has to be read somewhere, but other than that, feel free to let your imagination run wild.

Fingers crossed i’ll be posting them here for the next term, so watch this space.

On a similar note, somebody put me onto Jonny Baker’s magnificent alternative worship blog a couple of weeks back and there’s something really exciting about seeing the range of creative presentations of this stuff that’s out there – i never realised that there’s such a growing community, but some of the stuff that’s going on below the surface of mainstream church life is really exciting, so keep your eyes peeled for that too…

    • andy
    • April 28th, 2010

    Love the video. Mum says one of her favourite Psalms. Thanks

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