// slightly about prayer…

So Tom suggested we could maybe write something about prayer this week (what with it being 24-7 and all). And I’m not generally much of a rebel, but this is not a post about prayer.

This is kind of a post about sin.

It is also a post about my friend. (And I don’t mean in an agony aunt “my ‘friend’ has this problem” kind of way).

I have this friend, and he doesn’t know Jesus but he writes beautiful poetry.

Some of it is about love or salvation or how amazing the world is; but most of it is about how broken and hurting and wrong things are, and about how angry that makes him. Most of what he writes is about sin.

I both love and hate that.

I love that this guy has the same burning anger as me, about how the world is not how it should be, about how children should not experience what they do and how selfish people are, how selfish I am, and how not right that is.

And I hate that he hasn’t found the way out yet. That he is experiencing the same despair as me without the grace-filled whisper in his ear reminding him to lift his eyes and find hope.

And I’m still self-absorbed and still self-addicted; I still sin most of the time if I’m honest. But I am being pursued by grace; and that is amazing.

I love spending time with this friend of mine because (although he doesn’t know it yet) he shares something of God’s heart for the world, and I find that both massively convicting and inspiring. I am praying (less than I should be) that he would come to know Jesus, and I thank God for placing people around me who challenge me and who don’t just accept the way the world is. The struggle I have is how to look like Christ to this guy, how to be real and humble and honest with him about what I believe without seeming like a ‘crazy Christian’ who he discounts as irrelevant.

(Any suggestions do leave them below)

And I guess my question would be who do you know that wouldn’t say they know God, but who nonetheless you can really see God’s heart or passion in? Because if that’s not a sign that He’s after them, I’m not sure what is, and that is most definitely a call to prayer.

Ok, so maybe it is slightly about prayer…

    • Anon
    • March 8th, 2010

    Firstly, to whoever posted this – thank you for your honesty. That’s powerful, and it’s a really, really valuable thing. Keep it up.

    Do you think Christianity – or Christ – offers much hope to people like your friend? Sometimes it seems like although we believe that things can (and eventually will) get better, we can end up instead living in a state of low-grade despair that suggests that they won’t.

    Romans 5:3-5 talks about how the hope that is built up in us will not disappoint, but a lot of the time we seem like the disappointed ones; like we already lost the game. Maybe visionaries like your friend are the people we need around us, those who are able to picture a different future – if we make space for them.

    But there are no simple answers, and i don’t want to reduce this to something trite. Thanks again.

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