// Movements

Check out the Rend Collective Experiment’s new tune “Movements”, out soon on Survivor Records:

The Rend Collective Experiment are an Irish collective, demonstrating a huge range of talent and creativity from all over the place. Their new album reportedly features a contribution from David Crowder, and can be found on Itunes – with particular props given to the awesome “Exalt”; their older stuff is on Spotify too.

If there’s any justice in the world, they’re going to be huge, and it’s always great to be able to champion a Christian band with real creativity and talent, so click on that YouTube link and tell your mates, and here’s hoping we see more of them!

  1. Spot the irony: I follow this superb blog because you constantly challenge cultural barriers that help maintain Christian ghetto mentality… and then you fall back into your old ways and mention “Christian music!” … shame!

    to me this Irish setup sound like every other “Christian band” I’ve ever heard. I checked out Exalt and it sounds like a million other “worship” anthems. WorshipmusicshouldNOTsoundlikethis!

    Worship music is whatever I can use to worship Him… and if I look at the 200 or so albums I’ve got on my laptop, I can choose from anything that fits that definition.

    Cream – Sunshine of Your Love
    Beatles – I Want to Hold Your Hand
    Blind Faith – Presence of the Lord
    Karine Polwart – The Good Years
    Proclaimers – Sunshine on Leith
    to name a few

    now there’s some creative musicians for you… I SO wish we sang some of them at church for a change!

    • Tom
    • January 22nd, 2010


    Okay, so i accept that by nature it’s possible to turn anything towards worship…

    But i do appreciate RCE’s attempt to utilise the sounds of the (mostly mundane) indie scene in their music. It’s a personal thing, sure, and to look at your suggestions- Karine Polwart is modern, true, but Cream, the Beatles and the Proclaimers all haven’t released a new album in quite a while…

    As a musician yourself, i guess that you’re influenced by particular bands that speak to you about how music should be, but i’m a child of a different generation- and hey, i guess we grew up on a less impressive musical vintage than you.

    So, all that said, i stand by my verdict of “talented” (i like the glockenspiel); although i see your point…

    • Tom
    • January 22nd, 2010

    Oh, and one other thing- i, at least, don’t think RCE make straightforward worship music, but stuff that has breakthrough potential- surely that challenges the “Christian ghetto mentality” and is to be championed? 😛

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