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Happy New Year!

It’s probably come to your attention that i haven’t been writing on this blog as much recently, mostly because of time pressures from elsewhere. As a result i’m likely to switch to posting slightly shorter observations during the week, with substantive posts following when things quiet down a bit.

Expect more quotes from authors, more bible verses, more recommendations for podcasts and books and (hopefully) less tortured introspection.

So, here’s one to start you off, from Eugene Peterson’s terrific book “The Word Made Flesh”:

Uninstructed by Jesus, our idea of teaching is dominated by explanations… But this is, properly speaking, not education but schooling. The things that matter most to us are not learned this way, things like walking, for instance, and speaking. And loving and hoping and believing. We require teaching for these complex and wonderful tasks but not schools, not explanations, not definitions…

Frequenting a place of worship is a good way to learn to pray; attending a workshop on prayer is not. Associating with a person who you know prays is a good way to learn to pray (whether you talk about it or not); reading another book on prayer is not. Praying requires these kinds of education and can be acquired only through this kind of teaching, the kind of teaching at which Jesus is the master…


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