// songs for summer (1)

Summer necessitates new music, so here’s some of the music that’s made it onto my ipod recently:


Modest Mouse: “Float On”:

Modest Mouse’s Isaac Brock has the weirdest voice, but stick it out to the Chorus and you’ll find that this song embeds itself into your brain and simply refuses to go away…


Richard Hawley: “The Ocean”:

Just a sample from Richard Hawley’s excellent album “Coles Corner”, he’s yet to write a bad song. It took a while to grow on me, but when it does, there’s a mellow beauty to it that’s pretty rare. Many of his other videos are on Youtube, and well worth checking out.


Jon Foreman: “House of God, Forever”:

Jon Foreman’s re-imagining of Psalm 23 is a thing of beauty. The moment in the second chorus where the two vocal harmonies enmesh should send shivers down your spine, but it’s the breezy harmonica in the intro that really does it for me. Just about everything Jon has done acoustically is brilliant, but special mention goes to “Behind your Eyes” and “The Cure for Pain”, as well as “Your Love is Strong”, which i’ve posted elsewhere…


God Help the Girl: “Come Monday Night”:

Exciting chiefly in that it is, to all intents and purposes, a new Belle and Sebastian album (+musical), this doesn’t quite scale the heights of early B&S but is at least pointing in the right direction. And any new Belle and Sebastian is a cause for celebration…


That’s enough for now, i think; it should keep you going for the next week or so. Enjoy!

  1. thnks mate i’ll check ’em out. If you are still in oxford on the 16th, you should go see these guys at your academy 2. Saw them last night at our academy 2 and they were fantastic. Be advised though, your presence may well double the crowd.



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