// Tim Hughes plus Nike+ equals awesome / David Crowder’s awkward moment

Wow, second post today! This was originally going to be a short one, but then i came across something astonishing on the internet which just demands to be flagged up. First things first, though:

(1)  A couple of years back, Nike released “Nike +“, which effectively amounts to being a chip that you put in your shoe/Nike armband, which then syncs with your ipod and measures how far you’ve run. You can then set up contests on the internet or with your family to see who ran the most, or the farthest, or so on. They also released some music to go with these – LCD Soundsystem and a bunch of other people put together tracks tailored to the ‘running experience’, designed to facilitate your workout through its various stages (by the way, the LCD Soundsytem is called “45.33”, and it really works). Still with me?

Well, y’see, i bought Tim Hughes’ new live worship album earlier today – it’s called “Happy Day” – and since this afternoon, i’ve got this theory that Tim Hughes must be in league with Nike+. Seriously, the way in which the album rises and falls, it makes for the perfect soundtrack to a workout, and my run this afternoon accompanied by Tim was one of the best i’ve had in months. If you also own the album and are also a runner, could you try this out and see if i’m going crazy? I’ll admit, i was pretty amazed why i tried it…

It’s also well worth buying generally, but i’ll post more about that some other time.

But, and arguably much more exciting:

(2) A couple of days ago there was a story about Miss America being forced to step down from her position because she publicly spoke about how she doesn’t support gay marriage. I’m not going to debate this issue here, by the way. But David Crowder’s account of how he accidentally came to be pictured across the world’s news networks giving her a standing ovation is hysterically, hysterically funny, not least because of Dave’s writing style. Give it a look.

Poor guy.


I will still post a substantive post tomorrow, by the way, rather than just posting web-trivia and conspiracy theories. Honestly.

    • Tom
    • April 29th, 2009

    Having lent “Happy Day” to a friend of mine who was, up until recently, on the Oxford Blues rowing team, i’m happy to confirm that i’m not losing my mind.

    Congratulations, Tim Hughes, you have successfully managed to synthesise worship and exercise. Who would have thought it?

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